ECGNetwork.Co 24/7 Beach
Port: 27960
Map: mp_beach
Mod: shrub
Type: Wolf SW
Version: 1.51b(iortcw)
Players: 0/64
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 2017/09/07 18:14:35
A new release of iortcw is now available for download. This is small maintenance release mainly to address a couple of crash and potential security issues. Full list of changes are here: Fix CVE-2017-11721 Fix setting High Quality preset Add con_autochat and con_autoclear cvars Fix g_teamAutoJoin Rend2: Use an OpenGL...
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 2017/06/10 07:38:55
A new release of iortcw is now available for download. As usual, more updates and fixes. The focus of this release is mostly to address security related issues common to idTech3 engine games such as this one. There are also a few client side adds and annoyance bugs addressed. Full list of changes are here: Library upd...
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Latest Forum Posts

 2018/02/23 08:12:57
Uhh...damn...the great fun saviour of RTCW all waiting for has arrived!! Thx!
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 2018/02/23 06:30:48
I smell gayness!!
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 2018/02/21 02:40:44
I have dedicated to this awesome game. Weight Loss Pills
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 2018/02/20 00:55:21
I'll watch this space for a bit. Not keen on playing too seriously, but if you need a body I can turn up and get carried by you both If you don't have him on facebook, I'm pretty sure pingrage still plays 1.0 fairly regularly and he might be keen Dash is already playing in this with another team. The traitorous swine defected to England
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 2018/02/18 15:42:45
and use your own cdkey if needed.
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