ECGNetwork.Co 24/7 Beach
Port: 27960
Map: mp_beach
Mod: shrub
Type: Wolf SW
Version: 1.51c(iortcw)
Players: 9/64
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Top Current Players
Player Score
e ternal 68
[[[Mad.Kaibara]]] 49
[Ins]-Bane 37
ShaZVid-19 29
Ribded Quiver 27
Fattus Tubbus 25
mas+erdynami+e 0
PiLLow (nademagnet) 0

Latest News & Updates

 2019/05/29 04:44:49
Server IP has been changed to Update your Favorites!
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 2019/03/17 16:42:50
A new release of iortcw is now available for download. This is small maintenance release mainly to address a couple of crash and potential security issues. Updated libraries for sound/video/input improvements. Full list of changes are here: New: Addded cg_fixedAspectFOV cvar...Allows setting a custom field of view while using the fixed aspect...
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Latest Forum Posts

 2020/03/12 17:15:41
For some reason I can't vsay. It will let me type chat but I can't vsay. It keeps saying spam protection. I tried reconnecting but it won't reset.
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 2020/03/11 14:31:09
Just doing my womanly duty :)
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 2020/03/06 17:34:38
I really the liked the intro. Then something went wierd with bass/drums to the melody.
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 2020/02/14 03:55:24
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 2020/01/25 08:22:04
Yoshi! are you back to playing?
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