ECGNetwork.Co 24/7 Beach
Port: 27960
Map: mp_beach
Mod: shrub
Type: Wolf SW
Version: 1.51c(iortcw)
Players: 0/64
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 2019/05/29 04:44:49
Server IP has been changed to Update your Favorites!
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 2019/03/17 16:42:50
A new release of iortcw is now available for download. This is small maintenance release mainly to address a couple of crash and potential security issues. Updated libraries for sound/video/input improvements. Full list of changes are here: New: Addded cg_fixedAspectFOV cvar...Allows setting a custom field of view while using the fixed aspect...
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 2020/08/01 13:24:59
Thanks, that worked. The players are narrower than I'm used to them being... perhaps they were stretched in my previous config and that's why I miss so often lol. R_mode -1 feels a lot more sluggish... I just feel like I'm moving a lot slower, and it also seems like the cycling between weapon exchanges is a bit slower. But maybe that's b/c I haven't played a lot recently, IDK.
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 2020/07/26 20:03:58
Hell, that "QuakeCon" is still going on at all is pretty spectacular. (yeah, I'm still around. No I haven't played in ages. Actually, that's not true. I tried playing a few weeks ago and found I have totally forgotten everything. lol. But I love that ECGN is still here! Warms my heart.)
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 2020/07/18 00:35:25
You want a cigarette?
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 2020/07/09 14:35:58
Return To Castle Wolfenstein Returns To QuakeCon 2020 Additional Details @ The Link:
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 2020/06/14 14:36:38
Insert cactus in bundhole, if you dont feel a prick, it needs water.
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