GMail Giveway today from ECGN!

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GMail Giveway today from ECGN! (Updated!!)

Postby Ryan » Sun Jun 20, 2004 11:52 am

Hey folks! I've got 3 GMail accounts to give away today.. and so we shall!

Tonight at 8pm EST, head into our IRC Channel. At 8, our IRC bot will randomally choose 5 winners, and they will be awarded with GMail accounts!

IRC Server -
IRC Channel - #ecgn
Time - 8 PM EST

What is GMail? Its Google's new 1gb Webmail service.. it blows Yahoo and Hotmail out of the water! Its still beta, meaning, not everyone can get in... only those lucky enough to have an invite. We've got 3, and were giving them away tonight!

Make sure to invite your friends, and come early to chat with your friends, or ask questions about ECGN services! We'll see you there!

(Rules have been posted in the Smoking Room. You can see those here.)

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