Beach Custom Maps

Make sure to bring lots of med packs, our 64 player beach server is intense!

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Beach Custom Maps

Postby MAN-AT-ARMS » Wed Jun 03, 2009 5:51 am

Hi all,

From time to time we will run some custom maps on the 24/7 Beach server to break the monotony :)

Unzip these files into your 'Main' folder...

Game of the Year Map Pack: (Everyone should get this one - Official maps)

Air Ship:

Axis Complex:

Back To Carnage Canyon:

Base Rush

D-Day 2

TE Escape

TE Foo Fighter (UFO):

TE Frostbite:

Fueldump (B2)

FUN Beach


Kung Fu Grip

Market Garden:

TE Mitchelldown:

MML Church:

Monte Cassino:

Normandy Breakout:



The River:

Projekt Schwalbe:

SP Maps (Escape, Forest, Norway, Dark):

Supply Depot (B6)


TE Tundra

Tundra (Doc Run):


There is also a alternate gun sounds pack that are sampled from the actual guns used in RTCW. I personally prefer these sounds to the regular RTCW ones. Here's the link to that:

Also, here is the Shrubmod soundpack that let's you hear the hitsounds and flame screams, etc..

Optional colored crosshairs (Put one of these in main folder):

Have fun!

*Links fixed 11/8/2015*

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