How do I find my BF:1942 / BF:V Keyhash?

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How do I find my BF:1942 / BF:V Keyhash?

Postby Ryan » Wed May 19, 2004 4:25 am

Attatched is a utility to find your CD key.

NOTE: NEVER EVER give anyone your CD Key! You never know what they could do with it! The hash is completely safe!!

Follow these instructions:


1) Find and enter in your CD Key... exclude hyphens. ('Get Key from Registry' only works for BF1942, NOT for BF:V. Use it if you'd like.)

2) Press 'Hash It!'

3) Copy / Paste your CD Key Hash output into the thread so admins can look it up.

Your CD Key hash is completely safe, and there is no way someone could find your actual CD key if only knowing your hash. Please feel free to post it in these public forums.

Click the link below to download the CD Key hash utility.

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