been banned

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been banned

Postby PiLLow B » Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:38 pm

soo... after umpteen years of playin on ecgn i been banned for at least a week now... dont knwo why i shoudl be banned for tking/bleeding when someone started the fight... i dont tk people on purpose, but i will fucking end with skulls.. ask villain or euro what kind of poor person/player i have been on ecgn server overall... i dont play to cause problems.. yet its ok for mrs.b's anal receiving bitch to rant and rave calling hax without proof and carry on like an internet bully without consequence... why noone reads his comments and yet sees him being tk'ed after acting like a douche is beyond me... someone please answer me why this fucktards behavior is acceptable but acting like a totaling fucking douche to EVERYONE is acceptable... btw... mrs.b.. you're dead to me

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