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Re: euro

Postby caffeine » Mon Apr 11, 2016 4:05 pm

you got tk'd for docs 1x and went crying to mommy. "it's what a man does".

just get over it major racist.

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Re: euro

Postby B » Mon Apr 11, 2016 4:30 pm

caffeine wrote:
B wrote: He shouldn't be kicked for purposely tking someone for the docs and then saying meds should run them?

let's be clear about what really happened - not what you think happened b/c major meanie the racist PMd you.

3 of us rushed doc room and killed an axis in there. meanie grabbed docs with 50 HP as an LT. i simply tk rev'd him and took docs myself. i gave him 2 med packs and then started to run docs. he respawned and tried to tk me. he didn't succeed b/c he's not very good. then he calls me a "nigger" in global. then you pm'd me that he was butthurt about it and told me not to do that again - so i didn't. then the NEXT DAY junior kick banned me for an hour for that incident.

meanwhile nothing is said about euro's bullshit. just b/c you are an admin doesn't mean you have to have this ironclad viewpoint that your other admins here do no wrong.
Major meanie didn't pm me anything. You tk'd him and took the docs, when I said something to you you said "Meds always run the docs". You said nothing about tk reviving. I didn't say admins don't do wrong. But this time, You're in the wrong. You know it.


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