Why am I banned???

If you have been banned from any of our BF2 Pubs, Please post here.
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Why am I banned???

Postby Piggywee » Thu Sep 06, 2007 8:51 pm

I am not sure why I am banned today. I have been a regular player of BF2 for allmost two years. I have changed my nick a few times due to pc problems and have made the rank of gunnery sergeant twice and almost here again for my third time. I would concider myself to be a friendly gamer who is honest and plays the game in a fun manner.

I am unsure as to why I loaded up Internode servers today and it tells me that I am banned due to team killing. Why? And who banned me?

I know I made a slight mistake by shooting a team mate in the head as I saw the enemy when another team player popped there head up from cover and took my bullet. I appologised straight away. The person that I shot was extrememly quick with the response are you an F - head. I never swear or abuse anyone but I get banned and then abused. I dont think this is fair.

The game you must remember is just a game. In the real world our allies make mistakes and accidently kill each other. This is terrible. But this is a game for 15 year olds +. People make mistakes kids make mistakes.

People pay good money to supply their kids and loved ones these games to have fun not to be banned for an innocent mistakes.

If their are the serious gamers then servers should be made for the hard core gamer with pass words. Everything else should be fun. I am totallty against team killing as it does ruin the game and prevents people having fun.

Please release my ban, or atleast provide me with details on who and the why of my ban. Thankyou, Chris.

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