ECGN involvement

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ECGN involvement

Postby MrSoprano » Thu Feb 24, 2005 11:52 am

I wanted to ask a representative of the ECGN if anyone in the network would like to be involved with a new network that my partners and I have launched. Roster, the first celebrity online gaming network officially initiated a soft launch and our network will allow any online gamer that utilizes the X Box console to game online to play against nationally ranked gamers, pro athletes, music stars from many different genres, extreme sports stars, UFC fighters, etc. 24/7. Whenever the celebs are online gaming, our members can play against them. Yesterday we signed New Orleans Hornets star George Lynch as a celeb for the network and have many more on board and in negotiations.

You can check out our site at or our banner at

Also MySpace is going to help us promote. I would like to discuss with you how your network can be involved.

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