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Off topic, but don't go too far overboard - after all, we are watching...heh.
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Urban Terror

Mon Dec 23, 2013 3:11 am

I know I am one of the guys who said that I will play RTCW until the server count reaches "0/0", but in the meantime, there is a free FPS game that eats my time in between first-appearances at ECGN. It is Urban Terror: http://www.urbanterror.info/downloads/
Not objective based, but Quake III engine based, there is a server like ECG's ping called "Fallin Angels" that works well, when you want to frag and no one is on ECGN. Tons of custom maps and modes (no objective, choose CTF or Bomb), not-as-specific-hitspots like RTCW, but hey, it's free.... :)
I'll always be around! :)
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