ECGNetwork.Co 24/7 Beach
Port: 27960
Map: mp_beach
Mod: shrub
Type: Wolf SW
Version: 1.51c(iortcw)
Players: 21/64
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Top Current Players
Player Score
MAGA-la+h 25
[[[Mad.ASSASSIN]]] 25
[[[MAD]]]KTJOEY 21
WolfPlayer 21
CuCu 17
OMAHA_007(cz) 17
JesusIsKing 14
alibaba 14
m4ch1n3 11
spl 9

Latest News & Updates

 2019/05/29 05:44:49
Server IP has been changed to Update your Favorites!
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 2019/03/17 17:42:50
A new release of iortcw is now available for download. This is small maintenance release mainly to address a couple of crash and potential security issues. Updated libraries for sound/video/input improvements. Full list of changes are here: New: Addded cg_fixedAspectFOV cvar...Allows setting a custom field of view while using the fixed aspect...
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Latest Forum Posts

 2023/11/12 18:06:00
Tried a game just now. Got smashed by the 50 pingers. How the heck did i hit people before? It's like everytime i upgrade the comp. Even tho it's still 125fps, it feels so FAST. 13600K + rtx3080 Btw, i was on discord, nobody showed up after asking. C@k-el was there, not a sound from him tho. Well, try again later. ^^ Edit: i should probably install it on my other old comp, to see if there's a diff...
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 2022/12/23 16:35:09
Played for a few hours today, relatively few tks. Then get warning about 5 tk pts until I am kicked, checked TKLIST and I have 95 tk pts. How? Went spec, and then got a ban for excess tk pts. MAA can you turn off the tk system? It really doesn't work and the worst/real TKers never get kicked.
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 2022/08/03 09:29:04
HAHA Lord Zog! Man, long time...Just somehow stumbled upon this and thought this was an old thread that got brought up. This place is like a hilarious time capsule of the good ol' days haha!
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 2022/06/19 14:28:29
Bundy getting his arguments from reality TV, that seems appropriate... It's at your level of understanding.
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 2022/05/28 14:54:19
He did it again this afternoon. Just us 2 on, and as soon as he logs on he does a Tram vote. I voted no several times. So the last time he votes yes, then immediately goes spec, and the vote passes. Go ahead and check the logs. He's been warned of this shit over and over again and yet he keeps doing it. Ban for a month or two please. What's worse is that the server stays dead on a tram map.
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