The Informant

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The Informant

Postby Macabre » Wed Sep 02, 2009 6:52 pm

Directed by Steven Soderbergh and based on the 2000 non fiction book, The Informant, looks like it could be good.

Interesting bit of trivia: Matt Damon gained 20-30 pounds for this role. Sounds like fun at the buffet but Robert De Niro gained a record 60 pounds to play the older Jake La Motta In Raging Bull. De Niro's movie weight-gain record was subsequently broken by Vincent D'Onofrio who gained 70 pounds for his role as Pvt. Lawrence in Full Metal Jacket in 1987.

I ran across an old vid that always made me laugh while looking this up and thought i would post it =)

Matt Damon Impersonating Matthew McConaughey for those that have already seen it.

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